Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 21

Well looky what we have here....

It's been a few days since I posted anything, but its been pretty simple as far as the diet goes.

Breakfast consists of 2 egg whites, mixed greens and either some bacon or sausage.

This week I did switch to sweet potatoes post wod, and that seems to be working a lot better than the bananas. It might be in my head, but this week I have been feeling great energy in the wods and not as fatigued. I gotta stick with what works.

Dinners: Chilean Sea Bass and spinach, Chicken w/broccoli. See pics.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 17

Busy day today...I just cannot seem to find enough time to catch up at work.

Breakfast at 6:00
2 hard boiled egg whites
4 cups sauteed mix greens
2 fish oil capsules, 1 multivitamin and 1 probiotic complex

No lunch today....barely any water either. I was at a jobsite all day addressing issues and I did not have time to think about food/drink.

I got in the car at about 4:00 and wolfed down a cup of raw almonds and dried cranberries (I switched from raisins)

After the WOD I had 4-5 slices of sweet potatoes with cinnamon.

Dinner at about 8:45 (Late dinner, I know)
1/2 grilled bison steak
a boatload of plain broccoli and carrots
1/2 grilled onion
1 cup of sauteed mushrooms
1 container of coconut water
2 fish oil capsules, 1 multivitamin and 1 probiotic complex.

Deadlifts: 235#(3)-275#(3)-305#(9)

Metcon: 10:46
5 rounds of 7 hanging squat cleans @ 135# and 7 burpees
I was using metal plates so my broken rounds of cleans were very slow due to me being cautious with the weights and the fact that I didn't have much energy due to lack of food today.
Burpees all unbroken and speedy.

3 sets of 10 kipping toes to bar

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 16

I skipped a days entry, I know. Nothing too exciting to explain about yesterdays diet. No breakfast, a banana post wod and some chicken wings and carrots for dinner.

Breakfast today @ 6:45
1 hard boiled egg white
10 raw almonds
2 fish oil capsules, 1 multivitamin, 1 probiotic complex

2 cups of coffee at work

Lunch at noon
1 slim avocado, 1 can of tuna, and the juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon
1 cup of raw almonds and dried cranberries

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 14

The cheat day!

Breakfast at 7:30
2 egg omlette with sausage and spinach
2 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin

Post workout (brutal workout at CFC today!)
1 banana and 1 16oz skim cappuccino

Dinner was a gyros (sans pita) and greek fries. I also had a glass and a half of white wine.
2 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin

Holy crap, this was awesome. And for being a cheat with the potatoes and glass or so of wine...I feel pretty good about it. It's the first time I have had any alcohol in two weeks and realistically, it was a small amount. I easily could have gone through a bottle, but I really didn't feel the need to. I enjoyed the crisp sweetness in contrast to the salt/spiced gyros meat, and I appreciated that more than continuing drinking it to get a buzz and/or relax.

Pat on the back to myself for that one...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 13

"To become a winner, I need to beat the loser inside of me before I can beat my competitors!" I woke up with this morning with that thought in my head, and if no-one claims the quote, then I came up with it.

Breakfast at 6:45
2 hard boiled egg whites
4 cups of mixed greens (kale, spinach, collard...)
2 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin

1 cup of coffee so far...

Lunch was in the care around 1:00. I didn't make lunch today, and being on short time I just stopped into a chinese place and picked up 1/2lb of bbq pork.

Post workout I had a banana...I need to make the switch to sweet potatoes. Most likely this week.

Dinner was awesome!!!
I grilled a 1/2lb bison steak with a little steak seasoning.
I also seared some zucchini, squash and cherry tomatoes seasoned with some garlic powder.
And I grilled some shitake mushrooms and yellow onion and flambeed with some brandy to top it off. I might have done some damage to the cabinets above the stove with that move...
2 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 12

Rise and shine! or slowly crawl your way out of bed and greet the dawn with a bad breath of fire...

Breakfast at 6:15
2 hard boiled egg whites
3 cups of steamed spinach
2 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin

1 cup of coffee at work, so far....I am eying that bag of nuts/cranberries from Trader Joe's though.

Lunch again was in the car, and once again it was the rest of the Trek mix from Trader Joe's. I also had two hard boiled egg whites back at the office.

Today was a rest day...

Utilizing my rest day time well, I went to Whole Foods and picked up a Yellowfin Tuna steak, a couple packages of mixed kale and assorted mixed greens (collard, mustard, turnip...), 2 huge bison sirloin steaks, and I was playing with the idea of different types of milks. So I got one coconut milk and one almond milk.

Dinner was early today at about 6:30
3/4lb Yellowfin Tuna steak seasoned with lemon pepper seasoning and a touch of soy sauce
Then I sauteed a heaping 10" saucepan full of the mixed greens in a sprinkle of evoo and a cup of white wine and then topped with sliced radishes.

Holy crap that was one of the better tuna steaks I have ever better be at $20 a pound!
I had a glass of coconut milk with dinner...both of the coconut milk and almond milk were actually really tasty and very different in their own right.
I also had 2 fish oil capsules and a multivitamin.

At about 9:30 I finished the little that was left of my sunbutter....damn I need more!

Day 11

"Slacker!" I can see Mr. Strickland yelling at me to get out of bed. I just can't seem to get enough sleep...

This morning I had breakfast at about 6:00
2 hardboiled egg whites
3 pieces of bacon
2 fish oil capsules and 1 multivitamin

2 cups of coffee at work, one black.

I ate lunch while on the road for work, and considering driving and trying to eat veggies and meat out of a 2oz plastic container with a fork isn't very easy to do...I had a Trader Joe's bag of almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews and cranberries in the car. I ate about half of the bag. That seemed to do the trick!
When I got back to the office I had two more hard boiled egg whites.

Post workout at 7:15 I had a banana

Dinner was again just snacking...I just went to the fridge armed with a spoon! Pulled out the sunbutter and strawberry preserves and went to town. I know, I know...the sugar in the preserves. Back the f*** off...I haven't had much sugar lately. And considering I haven't had a drop of alcohol, I'd say that's pretty effing good!

Today I did sprint work on the treadmill. I did 1/4 mile sprints with alternating 1/4 walks for about 30+ minutes. I got just under 3 miles total.
Then I rowed an 8k on the C2 (damper on 4) @ 38:57
I was kinda pissed at myself considering I had a time of 34:11 last week. Maybe I was a little tired from my row yesterday, or the sprint work, or the fact that I have been fighting a bug that I won't let get the best of me. I do not get sick! Either way I am glad I finished, because I wanted to quit after the first 1k.

I also changed up the music on my Ipod. Usually I have my hip hop/ghetto rap or something with a pounding bass line going...but I changed it to something lighter like early to mid 90's alternative. This melancholy flannel wearing thing did not make me push myself anywhere near "Til I Collapse" comes on.

Does anyone else think that their music listening selection affects their energy/performances during your workouts?